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 We offer an extensive line of Rotary Drill Bits with reliable tool life and performance that improves productivity and optimizes drilling cost. We strive to achieve customer delight with respect to Quality, Timely Delivery and Dependability of our products.

Products that we offer

Cenerg Global Tools mining drill bits have proven to reduce drill bit consumption by over 30% by improved service life and rates of penetration over a variety of formations in Ironore / Gold / Copper / Coal mines


Our range of Rotary Drill Bits cover Blasthole, Water Well and
Construction Drilling applications. The size ranges from 2 3/8"
(60mm) – 12 1/4"(311mm) in Steel Tooth and Tungsten Carbide
Insert Bits.
Today Customer’s unique drilling challenges call for special
solutions and Cenerg is well equipped to respond to these
challenges and adapt its wide range of products to provide
customized solutions to best suit the specific needs.


Cenerg Global Tools custom-designs pilot bits and bit thirds for Horizontal Directional Drilling applications in river crossings and road crossings.  The unique feature of Cenerg bits and bit thirds is that the bearings are made from oilwell quality components and the cutting structure is designed to be rugged to handle the unpredictable formations under riverbeds.


Cenerg Global Tools - Oil and Gas product range covers Milled tooth and TCI bits from 3 7/8" to 17 1/2".  With Fully floating bushing journal bearings in the high performance product segment, Cenerg bits offer a consistent bearing hours with excellent dull bit condition after a bit run.


Open Bearing and sealed bearing reverse circulation drill bits from Cenerg portfolio have proven to provide extended hours of performance in harsh drilling applications in USA and Chile.  





Premium Roller Cone Drill Bits  Made in India – Made for the World.


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